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Posted on: April 18, 2010

Vans is a famous street ware the bag have look good and beutiful. The bag made from good tool quality.

You can see Vans at the shop like SiamCenter, MBK etc.  

The price about 1,000-3,000 b.


The brand is name PaulFrank. This brand very popular now because the product is look cute and beautiful.

The clothes of PaulFrank was colorful they have mant color and more graphic design. If you need to buy cen be

contact with website or store. mostly teenage likes this brand such as clothes, handbag, etc.

Volcom Wallet have a good design of Volcom brand which it be popular of  teenage.

This brand will made Street ware style


Choc Top Glam Shop

The shop be in Siamsquare soi2 close to Lido theater this band make for woman than men. They design was good and put a modern into things properly. the price is not expensive it depend on each clothes or accessories.


Papercuts and the pencil sharpener

When you walk to siamsquare soi3 under Lido Theater. You will see this shop strike the eyes with it becaues shop can be decorate look good until you must go to inside. The shop decorate follow home in japan style Hommy of japanese.

Things inside shop will sell handmade only such as Men’s clothes, Women’s clothes, accessories everything do handmade qulity!!!

Rate : 8

can contact :

Superr Zaaap! Shop

The shop stay at Siamsquare soi 2 in shop they decorate look like a modern and cleanand receive favor from teenager. Thay sell about Electronic style like clothes, glasses, accessories etc.

 then the clothes was design look like a old style but put a modern style together then they have a famous band T-shirt when they came to show in Thailand also.



This shop has famous at JJ Juttujak. Thay sell jeans and clothes every brand and thay have copy jeans and second hand jeans it so cheap but have quality.

Such as Levi, Lee, etc. you can walk in to soi 4 the shop close to indy shop.

prominent point : The shop will use the microphone to sell things.

Rating : 8

The Price of Shop about 300-2,000 B.

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