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Posted on: March 16, 2010

This brand sell Tshirt and accessary about Rock style the graphic is so-so but have quality

This shop stay at Juttujak also.


This shop sell The T-shirt syle street wear This brand is very beutiful skin graphic be suitable for Teenage

Inside shop decorate beautiful.

The price each one about 280-400 B.


Indy idea is a famous shop at Juttujak in Bangkok.

Shop stay at 14 soi6-7 and 18 soi7

This shop sell T-shirt, jeans, and accessary thay design T-shirt many color and skin graphic design inside shop decorate so beautiful and you can choose clothes so suitable.

prominent point : the shop recieve from teenager extremely.

Rating : 9

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price about 250-500 b.

This T-shirt brand IS-AM-R

The shirts was so look good design and use more graphic. T-shirt made from cotton 100%

This brand is popular with teenager.

The price about 250  b.

This T-shirt brand EMERICA. Made in U.S.A.

Shirts made from cotton when you wear it you will be comfortable. The Skin graphic was diffrent from another brand this brand like to made easily and beautiful skin design.

The price about  490 b. in Thailand.

This Sneaker Puma Stepper still has the suede upper but the difference is you can find the confetti detailing here almost covering the whole side panels. Aside from this detailing, the Puma logo on the side is also presented in lime green on the outer side and red on the inner side panel compared to the plain white of the previous version.

The Nike SB Bruin Navy/Red sneaker comes in a clean design of a navy upper. It is accented by a very attractive red leather Nike swoosh and matching inner lining. What keeps the sneaker clean-looking is the white shoe laces and the white vulcanized midsole. The gumsole offers a nice touch though.


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